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DT4 – Elevator Controller Motherboard

//DT4 – Elevator Controller Motherboard

DT4 – Elevator Controller Motherboard


C0ntroladora de asensores ST4 – Controla y monitorea hasta cuarenta pisos. Conectables en red hasta 20 asensores.

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  • Controls and monitors access to floors. Control access schedules/retrieve access records/access groups/ floor unlocking schedules/temporary access
  • Modular and scalable. Motherboard controller supports 8 floors. Expandable to 40 floors.
  • Motherboard controllers are net-workable to control and monitor up to 20 elevator per site.
  • Supports up to 60.000 credentials.
  • User Interface: Stationary computer/server – USB interface
  • Fully integration with ST3 door access controller
  • Operative Voltage: 12 Vdc to 14 Vdc
  • Wizard setup allows system setup in minutes
  • Operative system supported: Windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Specific software solution for companies and institutions, commercial buildings, residential buildings,hotels, gyms and health centers
ST4 Keyless Access System - Brochure ST4 Installation Manual