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DT2 – Door Access Controller

//DT2 – Door Access Controller

DT2 – Door Access Controller


DT2 Stand Alone Controller (USB) – Laptop Management Solution  – Supports two (2) doors and 4,000 credentials. Up to two hundred (200) controllers can be installed and managed from the same laptop/notebook (400 doors). 

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  • High security anti-tamper design. The keypad controller is installed indoors while the proximity readers are installed outside the doors to be controlled (no access to relays from outside)
  • Stand alone with USB Interface. Management operations are performed on a laptop/notebook and data is uploaded/downloaded to the controller in a few seconds
  • Control access schedules/retrieve access records/set access groups/set door unlocking schedules/visitors
  • Proximity readers can be set as access or exit readers
  • Supports up to 4,000 credentials (keyfobs, access cards or cellphone tags)
  • Supports door release and door contact input (warning beep if door remains open)
  • Supports electric strikes or magnetic locks with independent operating voltages
  • Controller operative voltage: 12 Vdc-14Vdc
  • Award winning graphical management software provided. Specific management software version for companies and institutions, commercial buildings, residential buildings and households
  • Wizard setup allows system setup in minutes
  • Operative systems supported: Windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8